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About Noblits Grassy Island / Victor – Tarpon Springs, FL

Noblits Grass Island and Victor is a community filled with many subdivisions in the northern Tarpon Springs. It’s a “neat as a pin” neighborhood where you find manicured landscaping, paved roads, and many higher-end amenities like a community pool, tennis court, and recreation center.

Housing Market in Noblits Grassy Island / Victor

The homes in this community were built in the 1990s, and they are between 1400 t0 2100 square feet. It’s common for these homes to have two-car garages, and some even have pools. The majority of single-family properties have three or four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Furthermore, the homeowners association fees are relatively low, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying hefty fees.

The median real estate price for living in Noblits Grass Island and Victor is $379,268, which is slightly more expensive than most Florida neighborhoods. Some of the subdivisions within this community, such as Forest Ridge is an attractive gated community. You’ll typically find an appealing entranceway lined with shaded trees, a brick welcome sign, and beautiful modern homes.

Living in the community, you’ll meet plenty of friendly neighbors who take great pierce in taking care of their homes and love to participate in community events.

Location & Accessibility

Being situated near the historic Sponge docks of Tarpon Springs, you’ll have access to a ton of antique shopping, fantastic seafood and Greek dining, Lake Tarpon for fishing, and other attractions.

This large neighborhood filled with picturesque settings is known for its excellent greek food and beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Within the area, there are shopping centers, conservation parks, quaint shops, many local businesses, and a friendly community.

This place is peaceful, yet a place of bustling and increasing growth. There are many local service providers and manufacturing and industrial businesses, making it a perfect community to invest in for the long haul.


While the kids love Sponge docks and boat rides, there are other fun things to do that are more geared toward children. These include paying a visit to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, a family-own business where they can see all types of species. The aquarium tanks have plenty of unique species, like hermit crabs, tarpons, sharks, stingrays, turtles, alligators, shrimps, and squids. Kids can also feed alligators, get to pet snakes and learn more about the various animals.

Another spot is the Replay Amusement Museum, where kids can participate in arcade games. In fact, this museum is home to the world’s largest pinball machine.

One of the best things you can do living in Victor is to take a stroll in one of the many Tarpon Springs parks, swim, and watch a beautiful sunset. Fred Howard Park is a popular spot filled with tourists, couples, families, and locals. They have water sports facilities and watercraft launch cramps for your to kayak or paddleboard. Sometimes if you go far enough, you’ll be able to spot dolphins. 


It’s imperative that you ensure that the school your child attends will be the best fit for the long haul. Consider their class size, academic performance, curriculum, and extracurricular activities available to help you choose the right school.

Here are some nearby schools to consider:

  • Gulfside Elementary School
  • Tarpon Springs Elementary School
  • Sunset Hills Elementary School
  • Tarpon Springs High School
  • Tarpon Springs Middle School
  • Anclote High School

A Family-Friendly Community Near the Heart of Tarpon Springs

Living in Noblits Grassy Island and Victor is a relatively quiet and peaceful neighborhood. While it is close to downtown Tarpon Springs, the community is much calmer and more serene.

With that said, this is a family-friendly neighborhood in Tarpon Springs, home to a variety of schools, natural parks, and kid-friendly attractions that make it worth considering when raising a family.