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About The City Center, Tarpon Springs, FL Neighborhood

At the heart of Tarpon Springs is City Center, an active community filled with the most exciting artistic enclaves, historical museums, and other tourist attractions.

Residents get world-class greek food and stay for one of the most expansive art markets in the world.

The magic of living in downtown Tarpon Springs gives you lots of flexibility. Whether you’re a boat enthusiast, art lover, history fanatic, or avid beachgoer, there’s something for everyone.

It’s certainly made for people looking to explore their passions and who love to go out in their free time.

City Center Housing Market

Despite its convenient location, the housing market is relatively inexpensive. The median home real estate price is $452,008, which is nowhere near some of the other luxurious neighborhoods in Tarpon Springs, FL. 

Due to the compact area, many homes are comprised of smaller one to two-bedroom homes. However, there are some three to four-bedroom options out there. Also, a lot of the residences were established and built between 1970 and 1999.

Location & Accessibility

Location is a huge advantage for City Center residents. In some cases, they are just walking distance from their favorite restaurants, meats, deli, produce markets, or pharmacies.

With its Winn-Dixie, Renardo Family Produce, Weekend Grocery, Walmart, or Mediterranean Market, there are plenty of ways residents can get their weekly grocery needs met.

One of the perks of living in a gulf coastal town is access to some of the freshest seafood on the planet. Lockhart’s Seafood Market is known for their locally caught fish, including stone crabs, Atlantic shrimp, and other seafood. What makes them unique is that they bring seafood fresh from the ocean directly to the table.


The amenities of the City Center make this neighborhood special. You’ll find plenty of art and cultural developments unique to Tarpon Springs, such as the Tarpon Springs Culture Center, Historic Train Depot Museum, Replay Museum, and even Spongeorama Sponge Factory.

It’s no secret that Tarpon Springs is often called the “sponge capital of the world.” The Sponeorama Sponge Factory displays the largest selection of natural sponges. You can see how their natural sponges are used for all types of occasions like bathing, cleaning, auto, and even bath and beauty products.

The factory has turned the location into an entire attraction. They offer an exciting narrated dolphin cruise where you’ll be viewing manatees, rare bird species, and dolphins and visiting the Anclote lighthouse.


Living in the City Center gives you a myriad of options for schooling. Just around the community, you’ll find plenty of available schools, such as:

Smaller, more exclusive schools are available, especially for early-aged children, like Gospel Train Preschool and Saint Nicholas Green Orthodox Preschool.

College students looking to pursue nursing will find the St Peterburg College School of Nursing right in the heart of Tarpon Springs.


The beauty of living in the downtown area of Tarpon Springs is the access to public transportation. Primarily among N Pinella Ave, Tarpon Ave, and E. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, you’ll find a row of bus stops to take you anywhere in Tarpon Springs.

There are even bike rental shops like Tarpon Tom’s Outdoor Adventure Gear, Neptune Cyclery, or Neptune Ebikes, where you can rent a bike for your transportation.

Career Opportunities

If you’ve ever wanted to venture out into more “off-the-beaten” path careers like performing arts, history, marine, or other fields, Tarpon Springs is the place to be. Living in City Center, you’re close to many job opportunities for all types of businesses.

With a low 4.8% unemployment rate and a future job growth rate of 41%, you’d be living in an area that is prime for economic growth. Not to mention, the consistent tourist attraction is sure to bring in new jobs every year.

The Heart of Tarpon Springs, FL

City Center certainly isn’t for families looking for a quiet place away from the city. It’s called “City Center” for a reason.

The advantage for residents is the convenience of all tourist attractions, transit, job opportunities, and other amenities. While it’s not as hectic as a metropolitan city, it can get busy with tons of visitors coming in and out of the city.

If you’re a working professional or love being around art spaces or cultural development, City Center is the community for you.

Be sure to see what other Tarpon Springs neighborhoods have to offer before you make your final decision.