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About Anclote River Acres / Hills of San Jose

Anclote River Acres and Hills of San Jose is a new, up-and-coming community with residents with different backgrounds and life stages. Filled with mobile home communities and parks in the area, you’ll find tons of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers living in the neighborhood.

This Pasco County community is tucked away in the corner of the upper east, surrounded by various lakes and trails. With its accessibility to daily necessities, schools, and nature outlets all around, it’s undeniable that this is one of the hidden gems that New Port Richey has to offer.

The Housing Market in Anclote River Acres / Hills of San Jose

Whether you’re searching for a low-maintenance Florida pad or are interested in an investment, the single-family houses here feature up to four bedrooms and three baths, and many come with garages for your car. Some of the properties in Anclote River Acres even have kayak and canoe access.

The median real estate price within this neighborhood is $305,422, and the homes range between 800 and 2,500 square feet. With its larger upscale home and luscious greenery, the houses here are certainly suited for middle-class to upper-middle-class citizens.

A lot of the properties in Anclote River Acres have large patios, vinyl-fenced yards, and well-maintained interior space. Newly renovated homes are available with access to pools as well. You’ll find homes that have been beautifully redesigned with luscious landscaping, giving the neighborhood a more vibrant feel.

Location and Accessibility

Right off Highway 54, there’s access to all of the hearty comfort dishes from American diners and fast foods to more upscale international cuisine. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll easily find it within this neighborhood. 

At Hills of San Jose, you’ll discover excellent quality coffee, something essential for many parents and working professionals who need to start their day off right. A place like Lily’s Cafe is a residential favorite, especially for people who want fresh sweets, pastries, smoothies, or a fruit salad in the morning.

What to Do in the Area

Nature lovers can rejoice, knowing there is plenty of green scenery around the area. Hikers can choose between an array of trails like the James E. Grey Preserve, Starkey Wildnerness Trail, Pinellas Trail, and North Anclote River Nature Park.

For example, the Starkey Wilderness Trail is a fan favorite for local residents in the west of Pasco County. With over 8,300 acres of land, it’s one of Central Florida’s largest recreational areas. Bike riders can use the paved multi-use trails that run 12 miles. It’s typical to find dedicated backpackers and casual hikers going deep into the wilderness areas of the park.


Situated near the upper east outskirts of town, you have access to all of the schools in New Port Richey, FL, while also being relatively close to towns like Trinity.

As a result, you’re in a central location near the town with a variety of highly rated schools such as:

A Safe Haven Located on the Outskirts of New Port Richey, FL

If you enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors while remaining within arm’s reach of the central town’s comforts, Anclote River Acres and the Hills of San Jose are great neighborhoods to live in.

Anclote River, Acres, and Hills of San Jose is a more affluent area of New Port Richey, FL, located on the upper east side. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need an outlet to bike, swim, kayak and spend time with nature. If you’re a family with children, you’ll have many school options to ensure your kids get the best education possible.