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Nude Communities in Florida with Homes For Sale

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As of 2019, Pasco County Florida has been dubbed the nudist capital of the world [1]. Although clothing is required to be worn at all public places within Pasco County, nudity is permitted inside private nudist communities and resorts [2].

Two main variations of nudist communities exist; traditional nudist or naturist -and- clothing-optional.

Clothing-optional nudist resorts are more flexible in the attire they enforce. A coverup, bathing suit or normal clothing may be permitted in some or all areas of a resort.

Traditional nudist or naturist communities often enforce full nudity in some or all areas.

Lake Como Nudist Community

Lake Como became the first nudist community within Pasco County in 1941, located in the town of Lutz [3]. Having been around the longest, it’s no surprise that Lake Como is a traditional nudist resort.

Full nudity is required around the pool area, hot tubs and sauna, as well as the general grounds, weather permitting.

Families are welcome here and each visitor must undergo a background check, which remains valid for 2 years.

RV lots and mobile homes are available to be purchased.

Caliente Naturist Club and Resort

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The Caliente Resort is clothing-optional, meaning all degrees of clothing are welcomed. Located in Land o’ Lakes, the community is restricted to ages 21 and up.

Definitely the spicier among the nudist communities in Florida, the Caliente Resort is known for lots of parties and events, with a more exotic side [4].

Available for purchase are single-family homes, condominiums and town homes.

Paradise Lake Resort

Paradise Lake is also located in the town of Lutz, offering a family-friendly clothing-optional for over 40 years.

Known for its amenities, complete with 4 heated pools, hot tubs, an onsite restaurant and bar, tennis, volleyball, fitness facilities and more [5].

Condos are available for purchase.

Nudist Communities with Homes for Sale

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