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Key Vista / Anclote – Holiday, FL Neighborhood

Key Vista, a gated community, is one of Holiday, Florida’s most appealing communities to residents of all kinds. Despite its luxurious feel and suburban upper-class feel, its housing prices are outrageously high. This gives middle and upper-middle-income earners the to snag a few of these gorgeous single-family homes potentially.

With access to nearby golf courses, trails, beaches, and tourist attractions, there are many reasons to choose to live in Key Vista.

See what makes Key Vista one of the best neighborhoods in Holiday, FL as we explore in more detail what this community has to offer.

The Housing Market in Key Visita

Discover a wide range of beautifully built homes with lushly landscaped backyards and fancy kitchens.

Many of the single-family properties for sale come with upgraded elements like a paved and screened porch, upgraded lighting, steel appliances, an attic in the garage, and more.

On average, the homes in this neighborhood are listed at $452,324, making it one of the more luxurious communities in Holiday, FL. This coastal neighborhood is primarily of larger homes between three bedrooms and two baths, with some properties having up to five bedrooms. As far as size, expect to find properties that range between 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. 

Location & Accessibility

Thanks to its attractive location, you can easily walk along the Key Vista Nature Trail along the Gulf of  Mexico or enjoy some of the best beaches that Florida has to offer.

Key Vista isn’t too far from large shopping complexes as well. Within a short drive, you’ll reach places like Pasco Square Mall, Southgate Shopping Center, and Shoppes at Tarpon.

Just off the US Highway 19 has many of the most well-known food markets and grocers. Everything from Save A Lot, Aldi, and Golden Seven Grocery to more obscure farmer’s markets can be found.


Living in Key Vista, you’re privileged to plenty of outdoor recreational activities. Being the closest to the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll have access to many nature preserves, hiking trails, and other Florida beauties.

Every resident is fascinated by the Key Vista Nature Park. It houses what was once the tallest sand-pine tree in the US, standing at 75 feet tall. Within the park, you’ll receive an unobstructed view of the entire Anclote Island. It’s popular for hiking due to its scenic trails leading to beautiful creeks, stunning white-sanded beaches, and forested areas. With 101 acres to explore, it’s a fascinating attraction in town, it’s a great place to relax and absorb everything nature has to offer.

Slightly north of Key Vista takes you to the James E. Grey Preserve, where you’ll spot dozens of animals it’s in pristine natural habitat. It’s perfect for taking your loved ones or buddies hiking along its trails. Don’t be surprised if you come across different animals like birds, tortoises, gators, and other wildlife endemic to Florida.

You can hop on a canoe or kayak and traverse the Pitlachascotee River or take a long winding boardwalk and soak in the surroundings.


Like many of the other neighborhoods in Holiday, FL, you’ll find a host of great schools to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a popular public school, an exclusive private school, or something unique, there’s something for every child.

Many of the schools have a reputation for being fairly safe and have a small teacher-to-student ratio. Take a look at several of the schools within the vicinity of Key Vista:

  • Anclote Elementary School
  • Sunray Elementary School
  • Gulfside Elementary School
  • Paul R. Smith Middle School
  • Tarpon Springs Middle School
  • Anclote High School

Home to Florida’s Natural Beauties – Key Vista / Anclote

Living in Key Vista is a dream. Fitting for families wanting to settle down and raise their family, it offers many reputable schools to send your child to comfortably. Retirees can enjoy their retired life in Florida sun surrounded by local food hotspots and outdoor recreational luxuries.

Working professionals will have access to many local businesses to network and opportunities to excel. Key Vista is truly a catch-all neighborhood desirable for many. if you can afford to live here.