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About Cool Acres – Holiday, FL

Cool Acres is a small cul-de-sac neighborhood tucked away in the northeast region of Holiday, FL. Driving past this area, you’ll quickly notice homes with large lot spaces with neatly uniform houses, small palm trees, manicured bushes, and an overall rural tone to the neighborhood.

Located off of Arcadia Road and just minutes from US Highway 19, you aren’t very far away from many of the most prominent hotspots that Holiday has to offer. As far as the housing market goes, there are plenty of reasonably priced homes, making them affordable for average middle-class workers who want to live a glamorous Florida lifestyle.

Housing Market in Cool Acres

There is a mix of mobile homes and single-family properties that are housed in the peaceful neighborhood of Cool Acres. The prices for homes are considerably lower than in most Florida neighborhoods. Expect the homes listed to range from $200,000 to $334,900, with two to four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Many properties are on the smaller side, between 800 to 1600 square feet.

Some homes have been updated with a modern paint scheme for the exterior and interior, giving them a fresh look. There’s plenty of garage space since the lot space is relatively large so you can store multiple vehicles in your home. The houses are filled with open floor plans with tons of natural light and even textured ceilings.

Location & Accessibility

Situated near the heart of Holiday, Florida, you’re in a prime location to cater to all of your purchase whims. There are many eateries, shopping complexes, and entertainment centers nearby.

Along the US Highway 19 features a treasure trove of restaurants in all food categories. If you want something exotic, we recommend the Latin Japan Restaurant, where you can find a unique Asian fusion-style menu. There also isn’t any shortage of comfort food across all international cuisines such as Italian, Greek, and good ol’ American fast food chains.


If you enjoy country music and nightlife, the Stockyard Bar and Saloon is an excellent place to go on a Friday or Saturday night. This unique bar brings southern hospitality to Florida. Expect the hottest DJs playing hit country music along with both local and national artists. They even offer line dance classes from Tuesday to Saturday, which is great for people who want to take on a new hobby.

In your free time, you may want to take your family outside of town for some outdoor fun at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium and Animal Sanctuary, which is only about an eight-minute drive away. They allow you to hold, feed and pet various aquatic and land-dwelling animals. You can interact with turtles, tarpon, rays, sharks, and even gators.

There are also many unique excursions you can go on. Set out for a fun adventure with Florida Inshore Fishing Charters, where you can join Captain Keith Benson on an exciting fishing trip. You’ll be taken through the inshore and backcountry waters to catch trout, snook, cobia, tarpon, snapper, group, mackerel, and other unique species. During the trip, you’ll be learning how to check the bite and master the cast so that you can hone your fishing skills. It’s a perfect activity for all ages and especially great for families.


Finding the right school for your children can be a tricky proposition. Fortunately, living in Cool Acres puts you in a position to get to nearby schools, giving you a variety of educational programs to choose from. You can vet out the schools to see which ones are best suited to help your child excel. The most prominent schools nearby are:

  • Web of Wisdom – WOW School
  • First Steps Preschool
  • Sunray Elementary School
  • Gulf Trace Elementary School
  • Ignite Academy
  • Anclote High School

Cool Acres – A Tiny, Under-the-Radar Neighborhood Tucked Away in Holiday, FL

Cool Acres is a small neighborhood that most will easily miss. With one street that loops around, you’ll live in a relatively pirate area away from the loud noises of the highway or busy roads.

However, you’ll still be within close proximity to the heart of the Holiday, Florida communities. There are many benefits to living in Cool Acres, such as affordable housing prices, friendly neighbors, a hot spot for eateries, and lots of outdoor recreation opportunities.