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Buena Vista / Melody Manor – Holiday, FL Neighborhood

Buena Vista is a small neighborhood within Holiday, FL, in Pasco County. Living in Buena Vista means you can enjoy access to scenic views, nice beaches, and beautiful weather. Its small suburban feel gives you just enough space away from the bustling town of Holiday, FL.

The Housing Market in Buena Vista

In Buena Vista, the homes for sale range from $48k to $210k, making it one of the most budget-friendly neighborhoods in Holiday, FL. You’ll find all types of properties ranging from single-family residences and townhomes to multi-family and mobile homes.

Currently, the median home price is $85,734, making it less expensive than 96% of Florida neighborhoods. These homes range in size from 700 to 1200 square feet. Many properties have about two or three bedrooms and two baths, making them ideal for small families.

You’ll find that the residences are established, having been built between 1970 and 1999. Although they’re not the most modern homes, it only takes a few fix-ups to make all the difference.

Of course, there are other benefits, such as lower taxes in this area, making it a desirable choice for many.

Location & Accessibility

Many choose to live in Beuna Vista for its affordable housing. Others choose to live here for its convenience.

As a resident, you’re in a prime location next to US Highway 19, allowing you to travel to major metropolitan cities nearby, like Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.

Just minutes away, you’ll find access to grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, banks, convenience stores, and other local businesses.

Across the highway, there’s everything you’d hope for to satisfy your daily cravings. Whether it’s fast-food burgers, Puerto Rican, Greek, or Italian, there are plenty of ethnic international cuisine choices to choose from.


Buena Vista is near many of the hidden gems that Florida has to offer. Located in the heart of Pasco County, it’s teeming with natural attractions like nature preserves, parks, and other exciting green spaces.

Consider spending your free time visiting Anclote River Park and Key Vista Nature Park. The Anclote River Park is a popular spot for locals since it offers picnic pavilions, a boat ramp, a fishing pier, and a beautiful white-sand beach. With convenient kayak and canoe access and excellent wildlife viewing, it’s a beloved destination among kayakers. Many migratory birds can be seen in the park, and manatees and dolphins are around the beach.

If you’re a fan of live music and Floridian hospitality, you’d love to go to the Stockyard Bar and Saloon, adjacent to US Highway 19. You’ll find a lot of local and popular artists, especially those playing country music.

You can chug down a mug of local beers, rub elbows and make friends with locals or even participate in their activities like occasional bar line dance classes.


Buena Vista is near several top-rated public, private, and charter schools, such as:

Many of these schools have a low student-to-teach ratio, allowing students to work more intimately with their instructors for better learning. Some of these schools perform above the state standards for test scores in math and reading, proving their curriculum and teachers excel at helping students learn.

Crime Rates

Like any suburb, you’ll need to watch out for crime. The crime rate in Holiday, Florida, is 54% above the national average. However, that is still 12% safer than other cities in the United States.

While it’s not dangerous, it’s important to be mindful of potential dangers. Most Buena Vista doesn’t have any sketchy areas that would scare you away from living here.

Buena Vista – A Charming, Affordable Neighborhood in Holiday, FL

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly neighborhood to live in while also being conveniently close to the best attractions that Central West Florida has to offer, Buena Vista is a great place to live.

It’s an excellent place to raise a family or live as a single working professional. Many retirees end up living in Buena Vista as well.

People from all over the US move to Holiday, Florida, specifically Buena Vista, to seek a better quality of life. With affordable housing costs, an excellent variety of schools, and the opportunity to live a diverse beach lifestyle, Buena Vista is a desirable neighborhood in Holiday, FL for many home seekers.