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Why Is It Hard To Buy A House in 2024? Contributing Factors

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Are you wondering why it’s so hard to buy a house in today’s market? You’re not alone.

With rising mortgage rates, an imbalance of supply and demand, increased competition for homes, and the combined influence of millennials and boomers entering their prime home-buying years, it can be difficult to purchase a home.

On top of that, buyers must also navigate complex laws around house rights, further complicating the process.

In this article, we’ll explore these challenges in detail so that you can make informed decisions when looking for your dream home.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have been steadily climbing and at times it can feel like you’re climbing a never-ending mountain just to secure a loan. With home prices skyrocketing and limited supply on the market, many people find buying a house is harder than ever.

Interest rates for fixed 30-year mortgages have dropped to historic lows since the start of the pandemic, but that’s not enough to offset the higher costs of buying in today’s market.

Bidding wars are common, and real estate agents often advise buyers to offer incentives like cash over the asking price or trips abroad to win bids.

Mortgage payments can be an especially heavy burden for first-time buyers who may need extra help from family or friends to afford them.

Despite all these challenges, investing in real estate is still attractive due to its potential long-term returns and stability.

Supply and Demand

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With limited supply and rising demand, it’s become increasingly difficult for many to secure their dream home. Homebuyers must contend with median home prices that are skyrocketing in many areas, making it hard to find homes within their budget.

Furthermore, the number of available homes is significantly lower than the demand for them, leading to bidding wars and all-cash offers. To navigate this competitive market, potential buyers should enlist the help of a local real estate agent and take into account tips for buying a house.

From understanding price increases to being mindful of current market conditions, having an expert on your side will make the search much easier.


Competition for homes has become fierce, with buyers offering incentives like cash over the asking price, trips to the Caribbean, and promises to name their firstborn child after the seller in an effort to stand out.

With interest rates at historic lows and home prices skyrocketing due to a limited housing supply during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that competition for homes is hot.

Buyers are fighting bidding wars against each other as they try desperately to secure a property before anyone else does.

The influx of millennials entering into their prime home-buying years is also contributing to a competitive housing market.

Realtors and sites such as Redfin are helping buyers navigate through this challenging process by providing resources and guidance on how best to win these competitive bidding wars.

Ultimately, it’s hard to buy a house right now due to intense competition from other buyers looking for the same dream home in this hot market.

Millennials and Boomers

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You’re not alone in this housing market battle – millennials and boomers are both vying for their dream homes, so you have to be prepared to fight for yours.

It has become increasingly hard to buy a home due to the competition from other buyers, skyrocketing prices, and limited supply of homes. Millennials in particular face difficulty with homeownership as they often lack the money for a down payment or have low credit scores.

Boomers are also entering the market as they look for longterm investments in order to secure their retirement years.

The median home price has risen steadily over the past decade, making it difficult for first-time buyers who struggle with affording a house.

Despite this challenge, 2023 may be the best year yet to buy, given that mortgage rates are at historic lows and there is still a good selection of properties on the market.

House Rights

Navigating the housing market can be overwhelming, but knowing your rights as a homebuyer is important!

Homebuyers should be aware of the current mortgage rates and median home prices for them to better understand what they can afford. With prices skyrocketing due to limited supply and increasing demand, buying a home is becoming increasingly hard.

The National Association of Realtors recommends that potential buyers research their credit score and financial history before purchasing a property. It’s also important to inspect the house before signing any paperwork or putting down a deposit.

Knowing one’s rights when buying a house can make all the difference between getting a good deal or being taken advantage of during this difficult process.


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It’s no surprise that buying a house is hard right now. Mortgage rates are skyrocketing, competition is fierce, and there’s a lack of supply to meet the demand.

Millennials and boomers alike have been affected by these challenges, and it’s not likely to get any easier anytime soon. But despite all this, buying a house is still possible if you’re prepared and willing to put in the work.

With some research, knowledge of your options, and a commitment to the process, you can find success in finding the perfect home for you.

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