What To Buy When You Get A House in 2024: Shopping List Tips

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In the annals of human existence, acquiring a new home signifies an important rite of passage. This transaction, however, extends beyond mere property acquisition; it involves transforming this space into a comfortable and safe haven.

Therefore, certain purchases are essential to facilitate this transition. These items range from security essentials that safeguard the property to comfort-enhancing pieces like mattresses and showers.

Furthermore, aesthetic appeal should not be overlooked, as stylish furniture and decor enhance a home’s ambiance.

This article explores these necessities in-depth, offering first-time homeowners a comprehensive guide for curating their shopping lists when moving into a new house. It underscores the importance of setting priorities for such purchases while keeping an eye on style and comfort requirements.

In essence, this informative discourse serves as an authoritative roadmap guiding individuals through the exciting yet potentially overwhelming process of equipping their new homes with all necessary amenities.

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize necessary purchases for security, comfort, and style in a new home.
  • Invest in basic home maintenance tools and a reliable home security system.
  • Consider home insurance coverage and new locks for exterior doors.
  • Carefully plan and prioritize furnishings, appliances, and decor items to transform the house into a livable space.

The Joy of a New Home: Things to Buy


Securing a new abode unfolds an exhilarating journey of acquiring essential items, each piece adding its own unique charm and functionality to the various spaces, transforming the house into a cozy and inviting haven.

The process of deciding what to buy for your new dwelling can be overwhelming. Therefore, having a home essentials checklist can alleviate some stress during this transition period.

The essentials checklist typically includes items you need when settling into a new abode, such as kitchen appliances, bedding, and bath fixtures among others. These are not only functional but also vital in making the first home comfortable and habitable.

However, beyond these basics lies another set of important considerations that often evade the attention of many – home maintenance tools and equipment.

Investing in basic home maintenance tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and drills is paramount to ensure the smooth running of routine repairs around the house.

Furthermore, with increasing cases of burglaries reported across neighborhoods nationwide, procuring a reliable home security system becomes imperative to safeguard one’s sanctuary from potential intruders.

Thus it is clear that while creating an enchanting atmosphere within the interiors is crucial, maintaining it effectively using appropriate tools and securing it against external threats should never be overlooked.

Essential Checklist for First-Time Homeowners

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Interestingly, approximately 65% of first-time homeowners in the United States overlook the necessity of a comprehensive checklist that ensures all essential items and tasks are addressed promptly upon transitioning into their new residence. This oversight often results in unexpected expenditures and stress, detracting from the joy of a new home.

One can reduce such predicaments by establishing an exhaustive list of things you’ll need to buy for your new home. The table below elucidates some essentials you’ll need, segmented into three categories: ‘Home Inspection’, ‘Home Security’, and ‘Home Repairs’.

Home InspectionHome SecurityHome Repairs
Mold detection kitAlarm systemToolkit
Radon test kitOutdoor lightsLadders
Circuit analyzerDoor locksPower drill
Leak detectorWindow sensorsStud finder
Thermal leak detectorSurveillance camerasWet-dry vacuum cleaner

This checklist will help those prioritize their purchases while ensuring they have everything needed to maintain their home effectively. Additionally, considering home insurance is crucial for coverage against potential damages or losses. It is worthwhile noting that this list is not exhaustive; it merely provides a foundation for what one might need for your first home.

Emphasis should be placed on attaining a balance between preparedness and budgeting when acquiring these items. Prioritizing these aspects will result in a smooth transition into homeownership.

Home Security Essentials: Keeping Your New Home Safe

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Prioritizing the safety of one’s new residence necessitates a thorough understanding of home security essentials, thus ensuring peace of mind amidst the excitement of homeownership.

The first step often involves buying new locks for all exterior doors. The necessity to buy new door locks arises from the need to ensure that old keys cannot be used by unauthorized individuals to enter your home.

Home security essentials can be categorized into two main areas:

  • Physical Security Measures:
    • New Locks: As mentioned, changing all external door locks is crucial. It is advisable to buy high-security lock systems that are bump and pick-resistant.
    • Secure Windows: Reinforcing windows with security film or installing window sensors enhances their resistance against break-ins.
  • Digital Security Measures:
    • Alarm Systems: These are critical in alerting the owner about any attempted break-ins.
    • Surveillance Cameras: Having visible cameras can deter potential intruders, and hidden ones provide evidence if needed.

Understanding these measures will help keep your new home safe and secure. Investing in robust physical and digital protection systems ensures effective deterrence against potential intrusions, fostering a sense of safety within your newly acquired dwelling.

Matching Your New Home


Navigating the labyrinth of home acquisitions can feel akin to navigating uncharted waters, with each decision carrying significant weight in shaping the comfort and functionality of your new residence. It’s time to consider the things you need for your new home, from essential security systems discussed in the previous section to appliances and decor items.

Desirable ItemsOptional Extras
New FurnitureDecorative Items
Curtains/BlindsGarden Tools
Rugs/CarpetsGym Equipment
Home Office EquipmentLuxurious Bathroom Fittings

These items are often at the top of most lists. However, not all are necessary purchases on day one; some can be acquired over time or adjusted according to budget constraints.

Home buying goes beyond acquiring property; it involves turning that property into a comfortable living space that reflects personal style while meeting practical needs. From essentials like a secure lock system and kitchen appliances to more exciting purchases like new furniture, every item plays its part in making your new abode truly feel like home.

Therefore, careful planning and prioritization are key when deciding what to buy.

A Guide to Buying for a New House: Setting Your Priorities

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Establishing a hierarchy of necessities for your new residence can significantly streamline the process of transforming an empty property into a comfortable living space. When you buy a home, especially your first house, it may feel overwhelming to identify what you need to purchase immediately and what can wait. This prioritization is crucial as it ensures that resources are not wasted on non-essentials.

While each person’s priorities may differ depending on their lifestyle, some items generally top the list. For instance, if you made an offer on a house with no or few appliances, acquiring necessary appliances such as refrigerators and stoves should be high on the list. Also, considering the current global trend of working from home, setting up an ergonomic and efficient home office becomes indispensable.

Additionally, attention should be given to safety equipment like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers – items that are often overlooked in the excitement of new homeownership but are vital nonetheless. Comfort items such as bedding, curtains or blinds also make your new house a home quickly.

Therefore, understanding what you’ll need for your new abode early in your home search aids in making informed decisions about purchases and ultimately eases the transition into homeownership.

Essential Items to Buy When You First Buy a House

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Securing the fundamental essentials for your new dwelling can be likened to laying the foundation stones of a grand monument – it is an endeavor of immense importance and one that will substantially influence the comfort and functionality of your living space. When you purchase a new home, creating an atmosphere that reflects your personality and meets your needs is paramount.

The following list categorizes everything you need to buy when you first move into your new residence:

  • Furnishings: Making your new house feel like a dream home often involves investing in furniture tailored to suit each room’s purpose. Consider what pieces are necessary immediately and which ones can wait.
  • Living Room: You’ll need comfortable seating, storage units, and entertainment centers.
  • Bedroom: Necessary items include beds, wardrobes, and bedside tables.
  • New Kitchen: Essential appliances such as refrigerator, stove/oven combo, and dishwasher will be needed right away.

Given these priorities, it becomes evident why considerable thought must go into planning how best to invest in furnishings and appliances. It’s crucial not just for aesthetics but also for practicality as they’re integral in setting up everyday routines in your newly acquired domicile. Henceforth ensuring seamless transition when moving into a new home without delay or inconvenience.

Shopping for Home Essentials: Making Your New House a Home

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Selecting the right home essentials is a critical step in transforming a newly acquired property into a warm, welcoming abode. After you close on your new home, identifying and purchasing these necessities can make your house feel more like a livable space.

Smart home technology, for example, offers an efficient way to control various things around the house, such as lighting and temperature. Installing this technology can instantly modernize your space and add a new layer of convenience to everyday living.

Other essential items include practical things that are often overlooked during initial shopping trips. For instance, new hangers for storing clothes neatly in wardrobes or closets are indispensable for maintaining organization throughout the dwelling. Similarly, acquiring a new shower curtain not only serves functional purposes but can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Arranging each room in your new home with thoughtfully chosen décor items can significantly enhance its overall ambiance. From plush throw pillows to unique artwork, these touches breathe life into spaces and make them truly yours.

To enjoy your new living environment fully, it is crucial to invest time and effort in selecting appropriate home essentials. Thus making your new house a home becomes an exciting journey of personal expression and comfort.

Refreshing Your Space: Why a New Shower is Essential

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Implementing a new shower in the bathroom can significantly revamp the entire space, reinforcing its functional utility while simultaneously enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Installing a new shower should be considered as part of your initial set-up.

The process of making your new place feel like home often involves refreshing various spaces to suit your personal preferences and needs. A bathroom is one such area that often requires attention, especially if the current home’s existing fixtures do not align with your taste or requirements. In fact, you will probably need to replace some fixtures to make sure they are up-to-date and efficient.

A new shower is essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards and can greatly contribute towards transforming your house into a comfortable living space. Regardless if you have moved numerous times before or not, it’s likely that your new home isn’t completely tailored to your specific needs yet. However, by investing time and resources into areas such as the bathroom – starting with installing a new shower – you can begin to create an environment that truly feels like home.

Why a New Mattress Should Be on Your Shopping List

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Transitioning from the topic of essential bathroom upgrades, it is equally important to focus on another significant aspect of home refurbishment – integrating a new mattress into your personal space.

An older home might indeed radiate an undeniable charm; however, it’s often crucial to update certain elements in order to keep your home modern and comfortable.

  1. A new mattress can significantly enhance the overall comfort and aesthetic appeal of your bedroom, which is often considered the heart of the home.
  2. Given that sizes may vary depending on the size of the home or room, it’s essential to choose a mattress that will comfortably fit within available space.
  3. Different types of mattresses cater to various needs – some offer back support, whilst others are designed for softness and luxury.

When considering different home lending products for renovations or revamps, allocating funds toward acquiring a new mattress should be prioritized. This investment not only contributes towards improving personal comfort but also potentially enhances property value when your home is listed in real estate markets.

To ensure this decision matches your new decor and keeps the entire home running smoothly with unified design elements, careful consideration must be given during the selection process.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable and Stylish

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Ensuring an optimal balance between comfort and style in a home is not merely desirable but indeed indispensable to creating a living space that is nothing short of a personal sanctuary.

As new homeowners make the transition into their newly purchased abode, they will surely confront the question of how best to maintain this equilibrium. The answer lies in thoughtful considerations of aesthetics and utility.

In order to transform a house into a beautiful home, many home decor enthusiasts emphasize the strategic use of furniture pieces that provide both function and visual appeal. For example, plush sofas with clean lines or sleek bookshelves that offer ample storage can serve dual purposes in any living room. Similarly, choosing kitchen appliances that align with the overall interior design theme ensures consistency while also catering to daily needs.

Moreover, as part of moving-in preparations, you’ll probably need items like rugs for warmth or curtains for privacy – elements that contribute significantly towards achieving your desired ambiance without sacrificing comfort or convenience. This process allows new neighbors to appreciate your efforts in maintaining an attractive yet cozy environment within your household.

Thus, striking the perfect harmony between style and comfort is integral when curating one’s domestic sphere.


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In conclusion, homeownership necessitates careful planning and prioritization of purchases. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, first-time homeowners spend an average of $10,601 on furniture, appliances, and home alterations within the first year.

This investment ensures both comfort and security for inhabitants while also providing an avenue for personal expression through decor choices. Thus, procuring essential household items is not merely a task but an integral part of transitioning into a new abode.

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