5 Signs It’s Time To Repave Your Driveway In 2024

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Maintaining a clean and presentable driveway is essential if you want it to be the first thing guests and neighbors see about your property. 

A well-designed driveway will have wide entrances and exits, ensuring all vehicles can easily locate a spot without feeling congested. Plus, the area must be perfectly flat so vehicles may drive into it without fear of scuffs or other obstacles. 

You must keep your driveway in good repair for both form and function reasons. Recognizing the need to resurface your driveway is crucial in Reno, as severe weather can damage the pavement. Be on the lookout for these five indicators: 

1. Diversions and Holes

Cracks and potholes are two of the most noticeable indicators that your driveway requires maintenance. Pavement can develop cracks due to the ground’s expansion and contraction over time in Reno, a city with frequent temperature swings.  

These fissures can deteriorate and eventually become potholes when exposed to water and heavy traffic. The driveway must be repaved if it looks like a lunar landscape with all the cracks and craters. You can contact service providers for asphalt paving Reno NV, and schedule yours immediately.  

2. Surface with Undulations

In addition to being a safety risk, an uneven surface diminishes the aesthetic value of your home. Tripping risks and vehicle damage can be caused by an uneven driveway, resulting from improper installation, ground shifting, or years of wear and tear.  

It is important to have a level and smooth surface in Reno because winter snow and ice might worsen these problems. If you encounter a rough surface whenever you approach or leave your driveway, repaving is necessary. 

3. Degradation and Loss of Color

Asphalt can lose its color and fade from the long hours spent in the scorching Nevada sun. Fading, to a certain extent, is natural, but serious discoloration could be a sign of oxidation or pavement damage.  

UV light can accelerate this in Reno’s high-altitude climate, making your driveway look old and worn. If your asphalt has developed a dull grayish tone from its formerly rich black color, repaving it may be necessary to restore its appearance and structural integrity. 

4. Water Collecting

The accumulation of water on your driveway following precipitation or melting snow indicates more serious drainage issues; it’s also an annoyance. To avoid flooding and erosion, good drainage is crucial in Reno, a city prone to unexpected rains and runoff from snowmelt.  

Water pooling on your driveway or seeping toward your foundation indicates that the pavement is no longer properly graded or slanted. Repaving with appropriate drainage systems can prevent expensive water damage and extend the lifespan of your driveway. 

5. Growth of Vegetation

Your driveway is just another example of how nature can recover neglected areas. Signs of structural problems with your pavement include the establishment of grass, moss, or weeds in its crevices.  

Vegetation growth is a sign that asphalt is weakening due to water seeping into cracks and creating an ideal habitat for plant growth. If this is not addressed, more decay and structural damage could result. Repaving your driveway and fixing any underlying drainage problems can prevent plants from destroying it. 

Benefits of Repaving Driveway with Asphalt Regularly


Homeowners can choose between asphalt, gravel, or concrete pavement when constructing a driveway. Although picking a material is no small feat, asphalt typically wins out because of its adaptability, longevity, and attractive appearance. There are many benefits to using asphalt for driveway building, including the fact that it is quick, efficient, and inexpensive. 

1. Non-slip and Equipped with Safety Features 

Because it is not slippery, asphalt is a great driveway material for people in colder areas. 

A driveway made of open-graded asphalt will reduce water splashing and spraying. 

The dark asphalt hue provides other safety characteristics, including reducing glare and making it easier to melt snow and ice. 

2. Safe for the Environment 

Asphalt is both long-lasting and kind to the environment. Asphalt is eco-friendly since it is 100% recyclable, uses less energy during installation, and doesn’t produce any trash after consumption. Asphalt pavement has low life cycle costs due to its long lifespan (up to 20 years with good care). 

With little processing, recycled asphalt can be used to make new shingles or traditional asphalt pavement when it is time to replace it. 

3. Economical 

Asphalt is made with more cost-effective components, which means it costs less to produce and less to use in the long run. The material also has low maintenance expenses since it does not have joints that need fixing and is unaffected by the freeze-thaw cycle. 

4. Efficient Installation 

The installation time for asphalt driveways is significantly shorter than that for concrete. Asphalt driveways can be ready for use in as little as five days after the job starts, and the installation process usually takes one or two days. 

5. Long-lasting and Ease of Maintenance 

Due to its pliability, asphalt may endure infrequent overloads without significant harm. If a homeowner wishes to utilize their driveway to attach their boat to the back of their pickup once a season, it won’t cause significant harm.  

Beyond this, asphalt offers better performance during bad weather since it resists de-icing agents and the freeze-thaw cycle. Because of its longevity, it will be easy to fix and won’t break easily due to temperature and weather fluctuations.

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Final Thoughts

From improving the curb appeal of a home to giving drivers a long-lasting, low-maintenance surface for their cars, a newly paved driveway made of block pavers has several advantages. If you want to enhance your driveway, block paving is a great option because of its environmental benefits, higher property value, and design variety.  

An attractive and effective block-paved driveway is an excellent long-term investment because of its practical and stylish design for any home.