How To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Top Tips

Selling your home is a heady mixture of emotions that can range from excited yet apprehensive to terrified and anxious! However, it needn’t be this way, and with a few pointers in the right direction, the entire process will become far more manageable. This post will be your guide through the turbulent waters of a home sale in order to get you safely out to the other side and into your new home before you know it.

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1. Consider Using Self-Storage To Expedite The Process

Let’s be honest for a moment: when you look around your house right now in anticipation of your move, what do you see? If you’re like most of us mere mortals, your eyes will likely fall upon a lifetime of clutter and general stuff that, while you might not want to sort through it or get rid of it immediately, doesn’t really serve any immediate purpose for your life. Moreover, this clutter can add up, making it even more costly and stressful when packing, transporting, and unpacking everything. This is where a self-storage solution might come in particularly handy. Further, these kinds of operations are located around most nations, making them extremely easy to utilize. It won’t matter if you’re searching for Self Storage Holden Hill in Australia or elsewhere in the country; the fact remains the same: storage solutions offer a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for storing items that aren’t urgently needed. Once you have made the move and set up your home with the essentials required to make the new place livable, you can consider moving these other items over in one go or piecemeal…the choice is yours!

2. Make Necessary Repairs And Upgrades That Make The House Look Like It Has Been Treated Well

OK, so you have probably read this a thousand times, but regardless of where you first read it or the number of times thereof, this advice has an oversized influence in convincing people to convert into a buyer. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to get an additional bank loan and completely renovate the space. Instead, you should simply look around and see what needs a little fixing up and tender love and care. Once you have made a list of tasks, head out to your local hardware store for supplies and get cracking.

If you are too busy or have two left thumbs, then it might work out better to hire a local handyman or contractor for the more extensive tasks. Don’t hesitate to lean on real estate agents that you’re working with for their advice or feedback.

3. Stage Certain Rooms To Maximize Space

Professional realtors have long used room staging to show viewers the home’s potential. The first step is removing unnecessary items from the main living areas, like the living room and kitchen. Pack away electronics, books, knickknacks – anything not fully utilized on a daily basis. Next, look at furniture placement. Can the dining room table seat more if chairs are tucked tightly? Consider downsizing bulky sofas or sectionals that take up too much floor space. Remove seldom-used appliances and small wares in the kitchen to clear valuable counter space. For bedrooms, store away out-of-season bedding and clothes to create an airy, spacious feel. Properly staged rooms with clear, open floor plans will draw buyers in and have them envisioning how they can move in comfortably and maximize living in the home.

4. Update The Decor To Match Modern Sensibilities

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This tip might cost a bit more than you anticipate, depending on just how dated your decor currently is. For instance, if you were pretty modern and updated your style as you went through life, there may be very little work to do. Conversely, if you are still living with the periwinkle pink bathrooms and shag carpet of the 70s, you might need to dig deep into your savings to remedy this disastrous decor. However, just bear in mind that money spent at this stage could dramatically increase any offer you eventually receive, making this process a little less painful than it otherwise needs to be.

5. Add In A Few Extra Mirrors Where Pertinent To Create An Illusion Of More Space

When space is tight, mirrors are a seller’s best friend. Strategically placed mirrors can make small rooms feel more spacious by reflecting light and reflecting views. In narrow hallways, hang an oval or round mirror at the end to create the impression of continued space around the corner. In cramped bathrooms, mount a large mirror above the sink so it reflects the shower or tub area, doubling the visible space. For more diminutive bedrooms, lean full-length mirrors on closet doors to bounce light around and give the sense of more room to move. Even living and dining areas can benefit from well-placed mirrors. Hang one across from a window to reflect natural light further into the space. Or place a mirror behind a dining table to create the illusion that the table can seat more. With a few judiciously selected mirrors, sellers can make tight quarters appear more generous to potential buyers.

Getting your home ready for a sale has many moving parts, from knowing what to do with your excess stuff to updating its style. Following Gator Rated’s real estate advice should put you in a good position to receive excellent offers.