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How to Move Out on Your Own in 2024

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of moving out on your own. You may have just finished school, are a passionate young professional, or are simply ready to tackle life on your terms. Imagine all the exciting moments ahead, planning your bedroom down to the last detail and enjoying the independence you’ve worked so long to achieve.

Stepping into independence is both exhilarating and daunting. Moving from your family home or shared place to one that’s yours is a big deal. It’s the right time to shape your future, set up a comfortable haven, and chase after your dreams in ways you’ve never done before. It’s about discovering who you are, growing personally, and valuing freedom.

Seems scary? Here is a helpful guide to help you move out on your own.

Let’s get smart about the numbers

Before packing, it’s crucial to get your finances sorted. Set up a budget that details your monthly earnings against your bills. Remember to include rent, utilities, food, and travel costs.

Plus, leave some extra cash for surprises or occasional indulgences. Being aware of your financial situation is vital in moving smoothly.

Make sure you find the perfect place

Finding the ideal place to live is often the first key step on your journey. Explore various neighborhoods, consider their advantages and drawbacks, and decide what suits your daily life and financial plans.

Selecting where to live is like choosing the backdrop for your exciting story. Imagine where you might be happy. Do you prefer the constant buzz of city life at its core or the calm of a quiet suburb? You could long for a cottage in the countryside with its homey feel, or perhaps you’re attracted to the quiet of living by the sea.

Moving containers

Storage containers make moving easy and flexible. You can have these portable units delivered right to your front door, allowing you to pack whenever it fits your schedule.

Order as many containers as you need for your move. After they’re dropped off, you can pack. When everything’s ready, arrange for pick up. Your containers will be taken to your new place or kept safe until you need them.

The great thing about moving containers is how adaptable they are. Regardless of where you are relocating, these containers can be transported with you. They also give you extra peace of mind since you secure them with your lock.

Visit potential houses and apartments

The options are numerous, each with its unique appeal and potential issues. Be thorough when visiting prospective houses and apartments. Don’t hesitate to probe and look for possible problems. Once you’ve picked your ideal spot, everything else about your move should click into place.

Remember, this will be where you throw fun dinner parties, have memorable sleepovers, and have exciting movie marathons.

Handle your bills

Adulting means handling the nitty-gritty details, like setting up utilities. Contact your service providers for electricity, water, gas, and internet. Make sure everything is in your name, and schedule installations or transfers ahead of time to avoid hiccups on moving day.

Set up automatic bill payments to avoid late fees. Organize valuable documents like your lease agreement, insurance policies, and medical records in a secure and easily accessible place.

Moving companies

long distance movers

When moving, consider hiring professional movers. They can make a big difference, especially with large or delicate items requiring gentle care. Search for local movers, read reviews, and request quotes. This helps you find someone who matches your budget and needs.

Many moving companies offer services like packing, unpacking, and moving materials to ease your transition to another place. Hiring experts can give you more time and prevent lugging heavy furniture up steps or through tight spaces.

For that major move, think about bringing in professionals—they’re there to start your move to independent living on the right note. Approach moving day with a clear plan in mind. Set tasks and ensure everyone knows their roles.


Let’s explore the art of tidying up. It’s about adopting the “less is more” mindset. When you move, you can declutter and apply Marie Kondo’s methods. You can say goodbye to all that clutter that’s dragging you down. You can clear out space for new adventures.

This process is not just throwing things away. It’s careful consideration of what you own. While sorting through your stuff, remember Marie Kondo’s key question: “Does it spark joy?” If something doesn’t make you happy, it might be time to part with it. That said, joy isn’t the only thing that matters when moving to a new home. Consider whether you need each item. If something’s collecting dust, perhaps it’s time to say farewell.