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Affordable Waterfront Properties in Florida & Mississippi

When looking for a budget-friendly beach house, Florida and Mississippi have something for everyone. You can find peace on Mississippi’s gentle rivers or join the lively beach life in Florida. With plenty to choose from, both states are known for great prices and beautiful settings. What you need is a focus on your housing needs and preferences. These places aren’t just pretty to look at; they’re where people wish they could live. Here is a highlight of the waterfront properties you may target.

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Florida Affordable Waterfront Properties

Florida has several choices with its Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines, from vibrant waterfront cities to less congested coastal havens. However, most of these waterfront properties come at a premium. Here are some of the affordable properties you can get in the state with picturesque waterfronts:


Jacksonville has easy access to the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean waterfronts. The river is an important shipping channel and contributes much to the city’s economy. It also links the inland to the sea, creating multiple job opportunities for the locals. When it comes to lifestyle experience, there is always an opportunity to own a waterfront property. The cost of living is cheaper than that of Miami, with the rent averaging $1,345. In the region, housing insurance typically runs about $1,400 and $2,700 per year.


Pensacola is nestled on the western tip of Florida and is famous for its beautiful white beaches and vibrant downtown. If you want to live near the water, target the homes along Pensacola Bay. They offer a tranquil setting, perfect for folks seeking some quiet. It also has the Pensacola Naval Air Station, which provides employment opportunities in the area. Almost everyone in this locality enjoys the opportunities offered by 52 miles of beachfront. There is something for everyone, from kayaking, jet skiing, seashells, snorkeling to boating. The city of Pensacola has an average age of 39, which makes it perfect for young professionals as well as their families and retired people.


Tampa is nestled along the Gulf Coast of Florida, and it has significant local history and culture developed from Italy and Cuba. This substantial growth and development area creates an ideal place for people searching for a harmonious blend of economic prospects and an enhanced quality of life.

The allure lies in the waterfront’s appeal, offering residents picturesque views and a dynamic environment that fosters recreation, cultural experiences, and a thriving community. Its affordability attracts a larger population of young people compared to many other cities in Florida.

Mississippi Affordable Waterfront Properties

On the Gulf of Mexico, in Mississippi, charming locations offer opportunities for an affordable waterfront. In terms of affordability and coastal beauty, the state’s Gulf Coast is a place worth considering. Famous for their warm welcome and rich cultural background, Mississippi Gulf Coast Communities offer residents the chance to visit peaceful beaches, inspiring coastal sceneries, and a relaxed lifestyle. Here are some of these places you can get waterfront properties at an affordable price:

Long Beach

Located near Gulfport, Long Beach takes pride in the affordability of coastal water properties. This ranges from utilities to the cost of housing and also running businesses. Its community togetherness sees the fast growth of small and local businesses at a higher rate.

The average age of 41.7 years points to it as a family or retirement-friendly neighborhood. Living here is 16% less expensive than the average cost of living in the country. The cost of housing is 32% below the national mean, and utilities are 9% lower.


Pescagula has properties along the banks of the Pascagoula River and at scenic shores on the Gulf Coast. The people rely on marine transport, fishing, and water recreation. Here, the average home price falls to 62.4% lower than the national average. Apart from that, the area also scores a cost of living index of 16.5% lower than normal and 0.7 below average to the Mississippi state.


Gulfport is the largest urban center on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. It is also the 2nd-largest city in the state. The Port of Gulfport is the biggest economic contributor. The city relies on fishing as its coasts are rich in fish, benefiting local, state, and national markets. Gulfport also offers 26 miles of beachfront, with millions of tourists annually. Gulfport has a thriving real estate market, with the typical home value at $130,014. It also has some of the relatively friendliest mortgage payments of $488, and the percentage of the annual income paid toward a mortgage is at 15%. The state median property tax rate is rock-bottom at 0.52%


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Biloxi is the most sought-after and popular casino resort on lovely Gulf Coast beaches. After Hurricane Katrina, casino resorts are among the millions of tourist attractions providing various jobs for those in this region. Most people also work on water-based activities and catering. The median age of the residents is 35.2. Biloxi’s cost of living is 16% lower than the national average and 5% lower than the state’s average. On the other hand, house ownership is 37.8 percent less than the national average. Still, it stands at 35.5 percent above the state figure.

Bay St. Louis

Located along the western coastline of Mississippi, Bay St. Louis represents an idyllic place with a waterfront lifestyle that blends coastal flamboyance with friendly community spirit. Seashore businesses like the town’s seafood markets, cafes, and boutique shops create a culture of prosperity that determines its coastal way of life.

Cultural wealth permeates the place, with nearby galleries and studios demonstrating the creativity of indigenous artisans and craftsmen. In addition, the cost of living in Bay St. Louis is 16.8% less than the national average. It stands with a difference of 5.9 percent below the mean for Mississippi state, making it also an economic choice.

From the buzzing waterfronts of Florida to quaint country towns on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, these areas offer varied lifestyles. Florida has modern cities and quiet beachside towns with various real estate options for diverse tastes. Mississippi offers a retreat to the Gulf Coast communities, distinguished by their low cost and coastal nature. These coastal havens depict a unique and special lifestyle compared to inland cities and towns.

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